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It’s Winter – Let’s get Crafty

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The beauty of this little craft is that it’s so little mess ,if any. We have banished the use of glue, Hurray.
You can find everything you need in your local PNA all for under R50.

What you’ll need to get started:
– Work surface
– Scissors
– 2 A4 sheets of self adhesive Fun Foam ( Best to get different colors for a WOW effect)
– Stick on Jewels
– Ribbon ( Try to get a couple colors and sizes)
– Plastic or wooden Dowel
– Pen or Pencil

How to:
1. First Things First, Draw the Main shape for your wand, This can be a Star, Heart, Butter fly. Anything your heart desires.Try to place it into the corner so you can use the extra foam later.
2. Cut out your first shape and then place it back onto your fun foam to trace your 2nd shape, the other half.(This helps the other half be the same perfect size) Cut out your 2nd shape.
3. Peel the back off one of your shapes and lay down down on your work surface ( sticky side facing up).
4. Get your ribbon and stick it onto lower half of one of your shapes
5. Get your dowel and place is in the middle of your shape.
6. Get your other shape, peel of the back, and place it over the one you currently have on your work surface. Both sticky side must be facing one another.
7. Lift it up and give it a spin – is it amazing?
8. Now for the most fun of all – Decorate it with the jewels and smaller shapes cut out from the remaining fun foam.

You are a true artist and a visionary!

Well done x

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