How to Plan a Family Friendly Event; and Rock it!

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What do parents look for when looking for events to attend with the family? Generally speaking, events that put emphasis on family fun, open spaces and experiences make for a strong selling point. As a parent, when the kids are bored that can take your full concentration – this can in turn can make it challenging to attend a non-child friendly event with the kids.

No matter how great the music, how wonderful the food or engaging the speaker , if the kids aren’t happy the parents focus will be on that instead on the events objective.

Your event deserves to be enjoyed to the max by all in attendance – that’s exactly when the pro’s come in.

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Bang for your Buck!

Budget plays a big role in the planning process, but we believe that events can have an amazing bang whether the budget is large or conservative.

Whats important when planning:

  • What is the events objective
  • Expectation of guests attending with children
  • Space that is available for the kids area
  • Budget

The above information allows us to craft the perfect kids zone ensuring the delivery of a stellar experience for the guests that hits all your requirements and those of families.  

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Safe & Sound

When planning or hosting a family style event there is an immense amount of responsibility to ensure a great time for the kids, but equally important is to provide a safe environment.

Large events can be a stressful place to go as a family, the feeling that you may loose one of the kids walking through the endless crowds becomes a real concern. That situation is exactly what we plan meticulous to avoid in our kids villages. 

  • Enclosing the entire children’s area to ensures that maximum fun can be had, with minimal amounts of worry for the parents.
  • Armbands are given to each child as they enter the area with parents names and contact numbers to ensure that should the situation arise that a child is separated from their guardian, a reunion is always guaranteed.
  • Each station is monitored by a Bazinga team member which are on call to assist and monitor the children if/when required. 
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Variety is the Spice

Kids villages at family events cater to a broad range of children, generally ages 2 years – 12 years of age. The way we do this is by providing a good variety of entertainment and activities that offers something for everyone.

Whats popular? Interaction, creativity and anything inflatable is massive box checked!

Interactive: Silent Disco, Magic Show, Puppet Show, Mascots. 

Inflatable: Archery, Soccer, Rocketship ,Jumping Castles, Zorbs 

For the Tiny: Soft Play, Kiddy Rides

Creative: Slime making workshops, Painting, Sand Art, mask and crown decorating, Paint Your own Cookie, Christmas crafts.

The All rounders: Face Painting Balloon Art

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Memorable is Priceless.

First things First, embrace the fun factor! Learning is fun, creativity is fun, trying new things is fun.

All of which are ways that we incorporate different forms of entertainment to make experiences memorable for the younger audiences and in turn for the whole family.

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Keep it simple 😉

There are certain things never go out of style – high fives and smiles are a couple of those things.

To us one of the top concerns is that our team is engaging on a fun level with the children – encouraging as much fun as possible with the younger audiences.

What do you remember from a great experience? Might it have been something as simple as a smile from the welcome committee?

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Planning an event? Bring in the Bazinga Buzz!

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