Unicorn Pastel Cover Bazinga Parties

A Party so Magical, Unicorns won’t Believe in it!

In Party of the Month by SethVanO

Someone told me I was a little crazy when planning this party and I almost fell off my Unicorn! How could you not believe in a fluffy, sparkly and slightly over weight unicorn sitting “somewhere over the rainbow” eating excess amounts of candy? In my opinion thats a well thought out day off. Happily I stuck to my Unicorny ways and the result is a delightful array of gold and pastel Unicorn EVERYTHING. Prepare yourself for Glittery, Glitzy, Glorious, Unicorn Heaven.

1) Unicorn Cake Pops (R25 each)

If you swooned over Unicorn macaroons, prepare to fall head over heels for the latest magical dessert trend that is sweeping everyone off their feet. Unicorn cake pops! Not only are they absolutely adorable but they taste like a rainbow exploding in your mouth. Check out the recipe for this wonderful desert trend at: Rose Bakes 

Or purchase them directly from the Bazinga Parties website here

Cake Pop Unicorn Bazinga Parties

2) The Unicorn on a Stick (R66)

Move over ‘Pony on a Stick’ this whimsical Unicorn party crafting idea is the latest to be taking over Pinterest. All the printables and instructions are available for download at: Sunshine Parties

Unicorn Hobby Horse Bazinga Parties

3) Unicorn Party Entertainment (R50 – R75 per child)

If you’re reading this in Johannesburg or Cape Town you are one of the lucky few who have the good fortune of being able to hire an entertainer from Bazinga Parties. Have them WOW the kids at your party with skilful balloon making and face-painting in the Unicorn theme – It’s sure to put the sparkle in any event.

4) Cake Me Unicorn Style ?

Like every good party we eventually get to the cake, no need to just look at it you can also order this adorable Unicorn cake along with your party booking on our website. And if you reside in the Helderberg delivery is free. Order online here.

Unicorn Cake Bazinga Parties

5) Unicorn Piñata (R340)

It’s so cute you won’t want to beat it 🙂 Unicorn themed Pinata’s make for a fun activity that all the kids can participate in, for parents trying to cut down other little ones sugar intake adding small party favours is a nice alternative. Available for purchase on line here.

7) Sparkle your Party (Prices on request)

Pinterest is full of unique decor ideas and below are a few that we liked, if setting up and getting everything together is too much work, you can also hire Unicorn themed decor from Bazinga Parties in Cape Town.

Unicorn Party Decor Bazinga Parties

8) Unicorn Party Invite (Free)

Yep you read it right, you’ve seen all the possibilities and decided you are absolutely most definitely planning a Unicorn party and now you can get your Unicorn Party invite for free. Just head over to our free invite section and download, open in Adobe Acrobat (click here to get the latest version) fill in all your details and viola! You can print, copy, post, email or whatsapp to your hearts content.

To wrap it all up, we leave you with some Unicorn wisdom – ‘Always be yourself, unless you can be a Unicorn… Then always be a Unicorn!’